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Durlach, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Radegast, Kothen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

Johann Christian, the son of Johann Bernhardt Seübert, was born in Radegast located in the former principality of Anhalt-Dessau on 31 January 1719. He was baptized in the Reformed church there on 2 February 1719.

Johann Christian, a journeyman joiner, married Augusta Maria Haldenwang on 26 November 1750 in Durlach, which was part of Kreis Karlsruhe (District of Karlsruhe) and the Markgrafschaft (Duchy) of Baden-Durlach.

Augusta Maria was baptized at the Stadkirche Durlach on 12 November 1728, the daughter of Johann Caspar Haldenwang and Augusta Maria Hemberger, both from Durlach.

Johann Christian and Augusta Maria had at least eight children. The first six were baptized at the Karlsruhe Stadtgemeinde Lutheran Church (known as the Konkordienkirche).

1. Eva Catharina Charlotta, baptized 29 May 1751

2. Maria Sophia Louisa, baptized 16 December 1752

3. Johann Jacob Friedrich, baptized 13 October 1754

4. Christian August Wilhelm, baptized 17 June 1756, buried 19 September 1756

5. Christian August Wilhelm, baptized 13 August 1757

6. Franz Carl, baptized 13 June 1760, buried 21 June 1760

In the spring of 1761, Johann Christian and Augusta Maria made a decision to migrate to Denmark as part of colonization program promoted by the Danish King Frederick V

The Seibert family arrived in Altona in the Kingdom of Denmark on 16 May 1761. On 8 August 1761 they settled in the colony of Prinzenmoor in the district of Gottdorf (now Prinzenmoor, Rendsburg-Eckernforde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

After Johann Christian and Augusta Maria's arrival in Denmark, two more children were baptized:

7. Augusta Maria Catharina, born about May 1761 and baptized 21 June 1761 in Hohn

8. Michael Nicolaus, born in Prinzenmoor and baptized 16 Nov 1763 in Hohn

The Denmark colonization program ended in disaster in 1765. On 22 November 1765, the Seibert family departed from Prinzenmoor intending to take advantage of Catherine the Great's Manifesto which offered the opportunity to become colonists in Russia.

Sailing from the Baltic seaport of Lübeck, the Seibert family arrived at the island fortress of Kronstadt, Russia on 11 June 1766 aboard the ship "Der Junge Heinrich" commanded by Heinrich Niemann. They were colonists of the private recruiter Le Roy. The family was recorded as household 2132 by the Russian administrator, Ivan Kulberg, when they reached the Russian mainland at Oranienbaum (now Lomonosov) on the same day.

Two of the children, Eva Catharina Charlotta and Michael Nicolaus, died during the arduous one-year journey to the settlement area along the lower Volga River. The remainder of the family arrived in the colony of Grimm on 1 July 1767 and are recorded there in the 1767 census as household 27.

Maria Sophia Louisa married Johann Conrad Reuscher from the colony of Norka about 1772.

Johann Christian Seibert died before the 1775 census. Augusta Maria married again to Adam Schneider and they are listed as household 111 in the 1775 census of Grimm along with her children: Johann Jacob Friedrich, Christian August Wilhelm and Augusta Maria.

In the 1798 Census, Augusta Maria is listed as a widow. She is living with her stepson, Heinrich Schneider in the colony of Grimm (household 101). Her son, Johann Jacob Friedrich and his family are living in Shcherbakovka (household 2) with the widower, Christian Steinert.


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Wayne Bonner (Denmark research)