Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Zell (Romrod), Vogelsbergkreis, Hessen, Germany

Two sons of Johannes Zulauf, a smith, and his wife Anna Catharina immigrated to Russia with their families: Johannes Zulauf, born in Zell 30 August, baptized 1 September 1726 and confirmed in 1740; and Johann Heinrich Zulauf born and baptized 5 April 1729 in Zell and confirmed in 1743.

Johannes Zulauf and Susanna Göbel (daughter of Johann Just Göbel from Leußel) married in Zell on 27 February 1748. Johannes and Susanna had at least seven children in Zell: Johannes, born 29 October, baptized 31 October 1748; Johann Heinrich, born 13 May, baptized 15 May 1751 (died 24 April, buried 25 April 1756); Johann Conrad, born 10 September, baptized 12 September 1753; Anna Eulalia, born 14 February, baptized 15 February 1756; Anna Maria, born 6 February, baptized 9 February 1758 (died 9 July, buried 10 July 1758); Maria Elisabetha, born 13 May, baptized 15 May 1759; and Anna Maria, born 5 April, baptized 7 April 1763.  

Johann Heinrich Zulauf married Catharina Hoffman, the widow of Johann Heinrich Schneider, in Zell on 10 February 1763. Johannes and Catharina had one child: Anna Catharina, born 26 August, baptized 27 August 1764 (died 31 December 1765, buried 2 January 1766).

The two Zulauf families arrived in Russia on 19 July 1766. The family of Johannes Zulauf, a smith from Darmstadt, included his wife Susanna, and their children Johannes, Johann Conrad, Anna Eulalia, Maria Elisabeth and Anna Maria. The family of Johann Heinrich Zulauf, a smith from Darmstadt, included his wife Catharina, and his Schneider step-children: Anna Elisabetha, Johannes, Johann Georg, Johann Heinrich, and Maria Elisabetha.  

Both Zulauf families settled in Grimm. There appears to be an error in the published translation of the Grimm 1767 Census with repect to these two Zulauf families. Household #49 reports Johann Heinrich Zulauf and his wife Anna Katharina. However, the children reported there are the children of his brother Johannes (the five children listed on the ship arrival along with an additional child Anna Barbara whose parentage is unclear). The Schneider children are missing from the published translation, as are Johannes Zulauf and his wife.

On the 1775 Census it is clear that both Zulauf brothers survived to settle in Grimm. Heinrich Zulauf, his wife Maria Elisabetha, their son Johann Adam, and Heinrich's Schneider step-children Johannes, Heinrich, and Maria Elisabetha are reported in Household #125. Johannes Zulauf, his wife Anna Maria and children Johann Conrad, Johann Martin, Maria Elisabetha, Anna Barbara, and Anna Maria are reported in Household #126. Johannes Zulauf's son Johannes is reported in Household #141, married to Gertrude Bierman.

The 1798 Census includes Zulauf family members in several colonies. Anna Eulalia Zulauf (called Anna Elisabeth in this Census) is reported in Frank Household #12, married to Johannes Weidemann. Maria Elisabeth Zulauf is reported in Galka Household #41, married to Georg David Schanzenbach. Martin Zulauf and his family are reported in Grimm Household #37. Johannes Zulauf, Gertrude Biermann, and their son Johann Philipp are reported in Grimm Household #123 with a note that they are in Galka. Adam Zulauf is reported in Grimm Household #153 with a note that he is working as a blacksmith in Seelmann. 


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