Santa Maria



Colonía Santa María, Santa María de Unanué


37°23' S 64°12' W


Santa María was founded in the Utracán Departamento (District) in La Pampa Province on 20 November 1910.  It was never much of a village but more a center for the rural families living in the area.

The following Volga German men and their families were founders of the colony:

Valentin (Valentín) Buss
Johann (Juan) Wertmüller
Johannes Guinder
Johann (Juan) Hammerschmidt
Peter (Pedro) Homann
Johann (Juan) Scholl
Joseph (José) Konrad
Peter (Pedro) Eberhardt
Heinrich (Enrique) Seewald
Philipp (Felipe) Schwab
Anton (Antonio) Röesch
Gabriel Jacob
Joseph (José) Güttlein

Very little except for the church building remains of Colonía Santa María.

Volga German Families

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in Santa Anita:

Abt from Brabander
Andes from Kamenka
Bartel from Brabander
Basgall from Rothammel
Dietrich from Preuss
Eberhardt from Brabander
Frank from Hölzel
Gerling from Marienfeld
Günther from Dehler
Hammerschmidt from Dehler
Hollmann from Volmer
Homann from Brabander
Kloster from Semenovka
Konrad from Hildmann
Martel from Brabander
Marx from Dehler
Maurer from Rothammel
Mehler from Leichtling
Molleker from Brabander
Obert from Brabander
Ostertag from Dehler
Rau from Seelmann
Schaab from Semenovka
Scholl from Dehler
Schwab from Dehler
Seewald from Seelmann
Stegmann from Pfeifer
Wertz from Beideck
Weth from Brabander
Zwenger from Kamenka

Volga German Congregation

There was a Catholic chapel in the community of Santa María.



Obituaries published in Argentinisches Volksfreund