St. Peter Lutheran Church



4 miles North and 6 miles West of Bashaw


Box 450
Bashaw, AB T0B 0H0
Telephone: 780.372.3845


The first service held in the South Red Deer Lake area was on 1 May 1895 at the home of Mrs. Henrietta Fürst Sigalet.  Volga Germans from Yagodnaya-Polyana were among those who founded the parish of St. Peter Lutheran Church in 1897.  The following year, St. Peter's congregation was granted 40 acres from the S.W. 1/4 Sec. Twp. 42 Rg. 22 W 4th for mission purposes.  Early in 1903, construction of a 24- by 40-foot building was started.

A parsonage was constructed in 1911, but burned down on 11 September 1911 just as it was being completed.  A new building was constructed which served as the parsonage until 1944 when a new one was built in the town of Bashaw.

St. Peter's is currently affiliated with Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.


The congregation of St. Peter's Lutheran Church has been served by the following pastors who have, since 1920, been shared with Zion Lutheran Church in the town of Bashaw:

Fredrick Bredlow (1895-1903)
Gustav Runge (1903-1905)
Fredrick Bredlow (1905-1910)
Heinrich Walbaum (1911-1913)
H. R. Karstens (1913-1914)
Alex Schlange (1914-1918)
Rudolph Kersten (1918-1921)
Paul Baehnisch (1921-1922)
Karl Rasche (1922-1925)
George Mueller (1925-1929)
Paul Hannemann (1929-1931)
Siegfried Cyrus (1931-1933)
Otto Winter (1934-1939)
Axel Wolfram (1939-1940)
Arnold Wilke (1940-1944)
George Weidenhammer (1944-1949)
Karl Freitag (1949-1956)
Karl Sterzer (1957-1962)
Garfield Remus (1963-1966)
Kenneth Nelson (1967-1971)
Arno Bablitz (1971-1974)
George Johnson (1974-1982)
Julianna Wehrfritz-Hanson (1983-1986)
Larry Soveran (1986-2002)
Monica Denk, Deaconess (2002-2006)
Alvin Oberhammer (2006-2008)
Larry Soveran (2009-2010)
Jeff Decelle (2011-)

Volga German Families

The following Volga German families are known to have been active at St. Peter's:

Langlitz from Yagodnaya Polyana
Scheuerman from Yagodnaya Polyana


A cemetery was established for St. Peter's in about 1906. In 1908, those members who had been buried on the Falk farm were moved to the St. Peter's Cemetery.



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