Zion Lutheran Church



52 Avenue & 50 Street
Bashaw, Alberta


Box 450
Bashaw, AB T0B 0H0
Telephone: 780.372.3845


By 1920, there were enough German settlers living in the newly founded town of Bashaw, that a congregation decided to form there.  It was made up of members who had been attending the rural St. Peter's Lutheran Church north and west of Bashaw.

They purchased an existing building and converted it into an appropriate worship space which was dedicated on 14 November 1920.  The congregation shared a pastor with St. Peter's and has ever since.

Zion is currently affiliated with Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.


The congregation of Zion Lutheran Church has been served by the following pastors which have been shared with St. Peter's Lutheran Church:

Rudolph Kersten (1920-1921)
Paul Baehnisch (1921-1922)
Karl Rasche (1922-1925)
George Mueller (1925-1929)
Paul Hannemann (1929-1931)
Siegfried Cyrus (1931-1933)
Otto Winter (1934-1939)
Axel Wolfram (1939-1940)
Arnold Wilke (1940-1944)
George Weidenhammer (1944-1949)
Karl Freitag (1949-1956)
Karl Sterzer (1957-1962)
Garfield Remus (1963-1966)
Kenneth Nelson (1967-1971)
Arno Bablitz (1971-1974)
George Johnson (1974-1982)
Julianna Wehrfritz-Hanson (1983-1986)
Larry Soveran (1986-2002)
Monica Denk, Deaconess (2002-2006)
Alvin Oberhammer (2006-2008)
Larry Soveran (2009-2010)
Jeff Decelle (2011-)



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