Spelling Variations
Place of origin
Nieder-Seemen, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany

Johann Caspar Herget, a stocking weaver, married in Nieder-Seemen on 21 March 1749. The record states that this was his fourth marriage. The bride was Anna Elisabetha Pflock from Eichelsachsen. Anna Elisabetha Plock, daughter of Johann Georg Plock and Elisabetha Steer, was baptized 11 May 1722 in Wingershausen and confirmed there in 1736. Johann Caspar and Anna Elisabetha had six children in Nieder-Seemen: Anna Elisabetha, born 22 December and baptized 26 December 1749; Nicolaus, born 18 June, baptized 20 June 1751; Anna Cunigunda (Kunigunda), born 6 September and baptized 9 September 1753; Johann Heinrich, born 28 March, baptized 30 March 1756; Johannes, born 28 March, baptized 31 March 1759; and Johann Caspar, born 9 January, baptized 10 January 1762. Johann Caspar's wife, Anna Elisabetha, died in Nieder-Seemen on 2 October 1763.

The lists of the recruiter Johann Facius report the following: 
- Johann Caspar Herget, 60 years old, from Nieder-Seemen, widowed, with 3 sons 13, 8, and 5 years old, and 2 daughters 17 and 13 years old
- Heinrich Wilhelm Herget, 24 years old, from Nieder-Seemen, single
- Julianna (Juliana) Herget, 20 years old, from Nieder-Seemen, single

The Hergert family arrived in Russia on 18 August 1766 aboard the St. Johannes. Johann Caspar Hergert is described as a widowed stocking maker from Stolberg. Nieder-Seemen is located within the former lands of Stolberg-Gedern. With Johann Caspar are his children Julianna, age 20, Anna (Johanna) Elisabeth, age 18, Nicolaus, age 16, Anna Cunigunda, age 14 1/2, Johann, age 8, and Johann Caspar, age 5. Johann Caspar's son, Heinrich Hergert, arrived on the same ship, described as single and a stocking maker from Stolberg. Johann Caspar Herget and six children, along with Heinrich Wilhelm Herget and his wife Maria Elisabeth are reported on the same Transport List among many settlers destined for Yagodnaya Polyana and Frank.

Johann Caspar (the father) must have died before the 1767 Census was recorded. The surviving family members settled in Yagodnaya Polyana. Heinrich Wilhelm (recorded as Conrad Wilhelm) Hergert, his wife Maria Elisabeth, daughter Julianna, brother Johannes (Johann), and sister Anna Cunigunda are reported on the First Settlers List in Household #32. Julianna, now married to Michael Lahnert, is recorded in Household #42 along with her brothers Nicolaus (Nikolaus) and Johann Caspar (Kaspar).  

Anna Elisabeth (married to Conrad Kniss) is recorded on the Yagodnaya Polyana 1798 Census in Household #3. Anna Cunigunda (married to Andreas Götz) is recorded in Household #10. Nicolaus (married to Julianna Befus) is recorded in Household #25. Heinrich Wilhelm is recorded in Household #32. The movement tables in the 1798 Census report that Johannes Herget moved to Frank and Caspar Herget moved to Dönhof in 1783. Caspar is recorded on the Dönhof 1798 Census in Household #71. Johannes must have relocated from Frank to Walter because he is recorded on the Walter 1798 Census (married to Angelina Engel) in Household #43. 

Johannes Hergert died in Walter in 1804. His sons Phillip, Elias, and Heinrich are recorded on the Walter 1811 Census in Household #44. Descendants of this family later moved to the daughter colony of Brunnental.

Johann Caspar Hergert would have been born in approximately 1705 based on his age as reported on the Facius Lists. He was married three times prior to his marriage to Anna Elisabetha Pflock. His baptism record was not found in the Nieder-Seemen parish records. The baptisms of Heinrich Wilhelm Hergert and Julianna Hergert were not found in the Nieder-Seemen parish records (records for adjacent parishes were also searched).

Some researchers have stated that Caspar Hergert's wife was Barbara Maria Schleuning. No record of this marriage was found in the Nieder-Seemen parish records. There is a death record in the Nieder-Seemen parish records reporting that Barbara Maria, wife of Johann Caspar Herget, died there on 12 September 1747. It is possible that this is Caspar's third wife, and possibly the mother of Heinrich Wilhelm Hergert and Julianna Hergert, though that is impossible to say for certain without locating the records of their baptisms and Caspar's previous three marriages.


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Alan Hergert
editing and additional research by Maggie Hein