Weigandt (Conrad and Caspar)

Spelling Variations
Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Altwiedermus, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany

Among the children of Johannes Weÿgand were Friedrich Weÿgand, born about 1698, and Joachim Weÿgand, born 30 January 1700.  

Friedrich Weÿgand married Dorothea Schreiner (daughter of Johannes Schreiner) in Wiedermus on 28 April 1718. They had one daughter, Christina, born on 18 March 1724.  Dorothea died on 17 October 1734.  Friedrich then married Anna Margaretha Kling (daughter of Otto Kling) on 5 April 1736.  This couple had three children, all born in Wiedermus: Anna Dorothea, born 4 March 1737; Caspar, born 18 January 1742; and Catharina, born 15 February 1745.  

Joachim Weÿgand and Anna Margaretha Habermann (daughter of Conrad Habermann of Hüttengesäss) married on 4 December 1721.  They had four children: Johann Caspar, born 16 September 1722; Catharina, born 5 October 1725; Johanna Maria, born 16 October 1728; and Conrad, born November 1732.  Johann Caspar married, and he and his wife Catharina had two children: Maria Elisabetha, born 8 March 1747, and Johann Conrad, born 9 November 1749.  Conrad Weigandt married Anna Christina, daughter of Johannes (surname unclear) on 21 May 1765. 

Anna Dorothea (with her husband Nicolaus Müller), her brother Caspar and sister Catharina arrived in Russia aboard the "Slon" (Elephant) on 19 July 1766.  Johann Caspar with his wife and children, Conrad and his wife, and their sisters, arrived in Russia on the same ship on the same date.  

The Müller couple is reported on the Norka First Settler's List in Household No. 12. Caspar and his new wife are reported in Household No. 10. Catharina and her new husband Wolf Dietrich Bien are reported in Household No. 13.  Conrad, his wife, and two of his sisters are reported in Household No. 6.  Anna Margaretha is listed in the 1767 Census as a third sister to Conra. Anna Margaretha, is likely the illegitimate daughter of Conrad's sister, Catharina (born 1725). Anna Margaretha married Carl Maul about 1770. Carl is listed in Conrad Weigandt's household in 1767 (Household No. 6b). Johann Caspar, his wife, and son settled in Kutter and are reported there in the 1767 Census as Household No. 72. 

Conrad Weigandt was the Vorsteher for his transport group. Norka was initially named Weigandt in his honor.

There is one additional Weigandt settler in Norka, Daniel Weigandt. He does not appear to be related to the families listed above, and came from Bönstadt.


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