St. John Lutheran Church



204 6A Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 4A5


Under the leadership of Rev. Paul Bunge, an organizational meeting was held on 22 July 1909 at the home of John Schneidmüller, and a constitution was adopted to found St. John Lutheran Church.  It was affiliated with the Iowa Synod.  The following signed as charter members:

Philip Repp
John Schneidmüller
Adam Görlitz
John Repp
Conrad Kromm
John Konschuh
Henry Kromm
John Benner
George Görlitz
Peter Schiermann
Fred Kromm
John Luft

Rev. Karl Boetke became St. John's first pastor.  The first service was held in a Baptist hall which was situated at that time on 1st Avenue NE.  In the same year, a lot was purchased on 1st Avenue and 6A Street, and the new church was dedicated on 10 July 1910.  After Rev. Boetke left, no pastor was sent from the Iowa Synod for a long time.  For this reason, Rev. P.W.H. Loeschke from Zion Lutheran Church, which had a building just a few blocks away, was asked to serve St. John temporarily.  Then Rev. George Stamm, a pastor from the Ohio Synod, came to St. John.

In 1918, nearby Zion Lutheran Church disbanded and its members were invited to join St. John's.

A new church facility was dedicated on 8 June 1969.

St. John is now affiliated with The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.


The following pastors have served the congregation of St. John Lutheran Church:

Karl Boetke (1909-1913)
Henry James Reinecke (1913-1914)
Peter W.H. Loeschke (1914-1915)
George Stamm (1916-1918)
Henry Obermowe (1918-1919)
Albert Schormann (1919-1923)
Emil Schiewe (1923-1924)
Karl Pohlmann (1924-1931)
Karl Holfeld (1931-1940)
Peter H. Mohr (1940)
Walter Rossback (1941-1942)
Rudolf Huget (1943-1945)
John Leinweber (1945-1953)
Edward Krempin (1953-1954)
Carl J. Daeschel (1954-1963)
Hans M. Steinert (1963-1982)
James Buenting (1982-1994)
K. Henry Reintze (1994-1995)
Markus Wilhelm (1995-2003)
Earl Schartner (2003-2004)
Arnold Alksne (2004-)



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