Christ Lutheran Church


First Location

southwest of Shattuck

Second Location

Across the street from the present location

Third Location

208 S Charles St.
Shattuck, OK 73858


Christ Lutheran Church was founded on 5 March 1905 under the leadership of Pastor Henry Asmus Marxen of Enid, Oklahoma.  His brother, James Nicolaus Marxen, came to serve the congregation later that year.  The cornerstone for the original church building was laid on 9 October 1905 southwest of Shattuck.  It was dedicated on 11 March 1906.

From 1905 until 1943, the congregation was served by pastors from the Iowa Synod.  Since the arrival of Pastor Waldo Bentrup in 1948, the congregation has been a member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  A new church building was constructed in town.  In 1965, a dual parish was formed with Zion Lutheran Church in Follett, Texas, but that congregation has since closed.  From 1978-1985, Christ Lutheran Church was part of a dual parish with Trinity Lutheran in Woodward.

A new church was built across the street from the old one, and on 20 June 1982, it was dedicated.  A bell tower was added in 1994.


The members of Christ Lutheran Church have been served by the following pastors:

James Nicolaus Marxen (1905-1908)
August Barth (1908-1910)
John Schrader (1910-1913)
Gustave K. Wienecke (1914-1918)
John Holzberger (1918-1927)
William Koester (1927-1928)
Ernest Spielmann (1930-1940)
Otto Bergfelder (1940-1941)
Fred A. Olendorf (1941-1943)
Waldo W. Bentrup (1948-1960)
Irvin J. Bruenjes (1960-1964)
Floyd Schoenhals (1964)
John Rumsey (1964-1965)
Walter A. Haefker (1965-1969)
Ralph Wetzel (1969-1970)
John Johanson (1970)
Linsey Dettmer (1970-1972)
Paul Leishner (1972-1973)
Tom Pikalek (1973-1977)
David Johns (1977-1978)
Daniel Steiner (1978-1982)
Jerry Markel (1982)
Wayne Hegstrom (1982-1990)
Tim Dorsch (1990-1992)
Rick Lovick (1992-1994)
Gary McClellan (1994-)



Christ Lutheran Church: 100th Anniversary Celebration, 2005.