A group of Volga Germans arrived at the port in New York City aboard the S.S. Donau on 5 August 1876 and included the following who settled in Campbell.

From Kolb:

Franz Wilh. Scheibel & family
Heinrich Bauer & family
Heinrich Kanzler & family
Jacob Scheuermann & family
Heinrich & Marie Müller (newlyweds)
Catherine Barth (a widow) and son Jacob
Heinrich Koch (age 21)
Friedrich Horst (age 21)
Heinrich (H.) Rehn (age 20)
Johann Kempel (age 20)
Conrad Bensel (age 20)
Valentine Reiber (age 20)
Heinrich Koch (age 20)
Heinrich M. Rehn (age 21)
Helfrich Rutt (age 20)

From Hussenbach:

Christoph Betz (age 21)
Joh. Georg Dewald (age 20)

From Messer:

Friedrich Hermann (age 19)



St. Paul Lutheran Church


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