Colonia Hinojo, Hinojo, Kamenka, Santa María de Hinojo


36°52' S 60°10' W


On the 5th of January 1878, the colony of Santa María de Hinojo was founded in the Partido de Olavarría of Buenos Aires Province, about 35 kilometers south of Azul.  This was the first Volga German settlement in Argentina.  The first settlement group consisted of eight families and three unmarried individuals who arrived by train from the port in Buenos Aires.  The colony was originally called Kamenka after the colony from which the founding settlers came.  However, it was officially Santa María de Hinojo which was simplified to Hinojo over time.  Hinojo translates to "fennel" in English.  The colony was successful and following a conflict with a neighboring colony of French immigrants, Hinojo was moved to its present location.

Among those early settlers were:

Andreas (Andrés) Fischer
Georg (Jorge) Fischer
Joseph (José) Kissler
Michael (Miguel) Kissler
Andreas (Andrés) Kissler
Peter (Pedro) Pollak
Joseph (José) Simon
Johann (Juan) Schamber
Jakob (Jacobo) Schwindt
Leonard (Leonardo) Schwindt