German Evangelical Brethren Congregational Church



3605 NE Mallory St.
Portland, Oregon

Second Location

238 NE Mason St.
Portland, Oregon


On 13 September 1922, the Brethren Congregational Church was organized.  It had its beginnings in 1900 as the Free Evanglical Brethren Church which was located at 3605 NE Mallory Street.  In 1927, the congregation moved to a new facility at the corner of NE Mason & Garfield.  In 1932, a fire partially destroyed the sanctuary.

When the Congregational Christian Churches united with the Evangelical and Reformed Synod, the church joined the merger and became affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

The old Brethren Church building was sold in October 1967 and is now the Philadelphia Community Brethren Church.

On 29 June 1967, the German Brethren Church merged with Zion Congregational Church and was renamed Zion Brethren United Church of Christ.  The newly combined congregation worshiped in the former Zion Church building.  The Brethren church building was sold and the Zion church building was used.  In August of 1972, the congregation changed its name to Rivercrest Community Church.  The congregation relocated to a new building at 3201 NE 148th Street which was dedicated 11 February 1973.  The old Zion Church building was sold.


The German Brethren Church was served by the following pastors:

Conrad J. Wagner (1922-1934)
Richard Schmalle (1934-1935)
Edward Graumann (1935-1944)
Edward Eslinger (1944-1945)
Carl F. Brost (1946-1949)
Oliver Ketterling (1949-1951)
John N. Sauer (1951-1963)
Theodore C. Strobel (1963-1967)