First German Congregational Church



44th & Lincoln
Denver, Colorado



5615 West 64th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80003


First German Congregational Church in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver was founded by immigrants from Norka.

The first church building was constructed at 44th & Lincoln in 1894 and was soon replaced by a larger brick building in 1896 or '97. In 1927, a larger church was built.

A new church was built at 5615 West 64th Avenue in Arvada and dedicated in 1974. This new church building is now known as Heritage Community Bible Church. The former building in Globeville was purchased by the city of Denver in 1976 and is now home to the Globeville Community Resource Center.


The members of the First German Congregational Church were served by the following pastors:

Adam Traudt (1894-1899)
William H. Dorn (1899-1900)
Adam Traudt (1901-1909)
Jacob Wagner (1909-1911)
Karl L. Stahl (1911-1913)
William K. Woller (1914-1915)
John Strohecker (1916-1917)
August Lemkau (1918-1920)
John P. Kaiser (1920-1921)
Jacob Weissenburger (1921-1924)
Albert Reiman (1924-1926)
Otto N. Zdunek (1926-1928)
George Kissler (1928-1931)
Jacob Wagner (1932-1936)
Conrad Sauer (1936-1943)
Carl J. Maier (1943-1948)
Theo Radach (1948-1951)
Edward J. Eslinger (1952-1954)
Howard K. Hammelmann (1954-?)


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