Zoar Congregational Church



Rt. 52
Prospect Valley, CO


The Zoar Congregational Church was started in the 1930s by Volga Germans living in the area around Keenesburg and Prospect Valley.  Rev. A. Rux was a visiting minister from 1932-1934.  The church was officially organized on 23 March 1937 and Rev. Jacob Wagner and Rev. Harry Pfeiff served the church until 1943.

In 1944, the church building was moved to a new site on the south side of Highway 52 in Prospect Valley.  A cross shaped basement was poured and the building was moved onto it at a north to south position.  Wings were added to the east and west sides and the narthex built at the north side with stairs to the basement and a steeple on top.  The altar and choir loft were on the south side. A parsonage was built on the west side of the church in 1954-55.

In addition to worship services and Sunday School, the congregation had a Ladies Aid Society, a Men's Fellowship, and Christian Endeavor on Sunday evenings for young members.  A church choir was started by Rev. Samuel Foos in 1950 and continued for many years.

Today, Zoar Congregational Church is a member of the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ.


The following pastors have served the members of Zoar Congregational:

A. Rux
Jacob Wagner
Harry Pfeiff
Otto Zdunek (1945-1946)
Henry Stroh (1947)
Walter Dobler (1948-1949)
Samuel Foos (1950-1951)
William Strauch (1952-1953)
Harold Rohrick (1954)
Henry Reiter (1955-56)
William Strauch (1957-1965)
Benjamin Kissler (1966-1976)


Jim Vogel