United Congregational Church


United Congregational Church was founded in 1900 as Pilgrim Congregational Church.  It was reorganized in 1945 under the name United Congregational.


United Congregational has been served by the following pastors:

J. C. Schwabenland (1901-1905)
J. Meyer (1905-1906)
J. Hoffmann (1907-1908)
J. Reister (1908-1913)
A. Reimann (1914-1916)
W. Essig (1916-1918)
J. V. Smith (1919-1922)
K. K. Maier (1922-1924)
A. Delebarre (1924-1929)
J. E. Hirning (1929-1931)
J. C. Schwabenland (1933-1938)
A. Hausauer (1939-1945)
Edward Eslinger (1946-1952)
E. Klein (1952-1957)
H. Pfeiff (1958-1962)
B. M. Schafer (1962-1964)



History of the Pacific Conference of Congregational Churches of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, 1897-1964.