Peace Lutheran Church


2106 S. Cushman Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98405


Although there were already two Lutheran parishes active in the Volga German community of South Tacoma (Trinity Lutheran and Zion Lutheran), the distance between the churches was perceived to be preventing some people from attending.  Consequently, beginning in January, 1909, several families began meeting privately for afternoon or evening workship and meetings.  Under the leadership of the Rev. George Köhler of Olympia, a new congregation called "Evangelische Lutherische Friedens Gemeinde" (Peace Lutheran Church) was organized and the charter signed on 9 May 1909 with 61 voting members.

They purchased property at South 21st and Cushman.  Zion Lutheran had relocated their old church building to this property from 16th & L where they were building a new structure.  When the congregation outgrew this facility, a new building was constructed in 1918.

Peace Lutheran is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


George Köhler (1909-1910)
August F. Gräbner (1910-1911)
Emil Lehmann (1912-1915)
Carl H. Mau (1915-1920)
A.H. Schmidt (1920-1924)
George F. Busch (1924-1934)
Gerhardt Mittermeier, interim (1934-1936)
George H. Kittel (1936-1940)
A.K. Bethmann (1940-1943)
Samuel Lentz (1944-1957)
Ernest W. Collard (1957-)
Holle Plaehm
John Stroeh



Fiftieth Anniversary, 1909-1959 (Peace Lutheran Church, Tacoma, Washington) - booklet.