Peace Lutheran and Congregational Church


3rd & Maple
Walla Walla, Washington


On 7 November 1921, the heads of 22 Volga German families met at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Benzel to explore how best to keep the faith of their forefathers. Many were currently members of Christ Lutheran Church, but were not happy there. They decided to form a congregation of their own, and began meeting in the home of Mr. & Mrs. George Gradwohl. They purchased a home to serve as the parsonage, and beginning on 3 January 1922 met there each week.

On 30 April 1922, the cornerstone was laid for a new building which was dedicated on 3 September 1922 with the name Friedens (Peace) Evangelical Church. The congregation affiliated with the Evangelical Synod of North America. When this group merged in 1938 into the Evangelical and Reformed Synod, the congregation took on the name Friedens (Peace) Evangelical & Reformed Church. In 1958, the name was changed to Peace United Church of Christ.

Following declining membership and sporatic financial support, the congregation closed its doors in 1965.


Peace United Church of Christ was served by the following pastors:

George Eichler (1922-1925)
George Zocher (1926-1928)
Tobias Schmunk (1928-1931)
D. Didlaukus (1932)
Paul Reichert (1933-1935)
Julius Berkenkamp (1936-1940)
F. F. Ott (1941-1944)
D. K. Schmidt (1945-1949)
Reicher Maier (1950)
D. K. Schmidt (1951-1954)
Ivan Booker (1954-1956)
D. K. Schmidt (1956-1957)
Fred Haag (1957-1962)
Emrys Thomas (1964-1965)


Mission Accomplished: A Brief History of Peace United Church of Christ, Walla Walla, Washington: 1921-1965.