San José - Coronel Suárez



Colonia Dos, Dehler, Pueblo San José, San José, Segunda


37°31 S 61°55' W


San José was founded on 13 April 1887 and is known today as "Pueblo San José" and is located in the Coronel Suárez Partido (Department) of Buenos Aires Province.  This colony was originally named Dehler by the first Volga German settlers in reference to the colony from which they had immigrated.  Other settlers also came from Volmer.

San José was founded by the following 15 men and their families:

Martin (Martín) Sieben
Jakob (Jacobo) Schwab
Stephan (Estaban) Heit
Jakob (Jacobo) Schell
Konrad (Conrado) Schwab
Johann (Juan) Förster
Johann (Juan) Putbilopsky
Johann (Juan) Opholz
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Seib
Michael (Miguel) Schuck
Matthias (Matias) Schönfeld
Johann Peter (Juan Pedro) Phillip
Adam (Adán) Dannderfer
Gottlieb Diel
Heinrich (Enrique) Heim

These families were joined in 1907 by another group resettling from Hinojo.


Volga German Congregation

Iglesia San José Obrero