Immanuel Christian Reformed Church



Remington and Olive Streets
Fort Collins, CO


1900 South Taft Hill Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526


Immanuel Christian Reformed Church has its beginnings in the German Evangelical Congregational Church (now Plymouth Congregational Church) which began raising money for a church building in 1903. There were conflicts within the congregation, and in 1912 30 Volga German families left the German Congregational Church to form the Evangelical Congregational Immanuel Church. It was affiliated with the Evangelical Synod of North America. By the late 1930s, the congregation had affiliated with the Evangelical and Reformed Church. In 1964, the congregation joined the Christian Reformed Church.

In 1913, an extant church building was purchased in downtown Fort Collins on the corner of Remington and Olive Streets which served the parish for 60 years. In 1972, the old facility was sold and demolished to make room for a convention center that was never built. The new building, completed in 1974, was constructed at 1900 S. Taft Hill Road. The stained glass windows, the cross in front of the church, and the bell from the old church building were used in the new facility.


Immanuel Christian Reformed Church has been served by the following pastors:

Rev. Elias Hergert (1918-1921)
Rev. Reitzer (1937-1959)
Rev. Boerfyn (1963-1969)
Rev. Larry van Essen (1969-1977)
Rev. Al Helder (1978-1989)
Rev. Paul Jorden (1982-1996)
Rev. Art Stienstra (1990-1992)
Rev. John Terpstra (1997-present)
Rev. Zach Vandenberg (?-present)



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