Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Viale



Irigoyen 570
Viale, Entre Ríos


The history of the Evangelical Baptist Church dates back to the 1930s when there were in the rural areas near Viale (in the area of Las Tunas) a few Volga German families who were Baptist: Fritzker, Kramer, Tischler and Kossmann.  They gathered two or three times a month to hold worship services in their homes) that knowing the Baptist religion gathered two or three times a month for family reunions, which is usually carried out in some houses of the families.

Originally, an elderly Fritzler couple offered their house for services, but it soon became too small as other families joined - coming from Campo Sepold, Chilcas, Los Charrúas, Concepción del Uruguay among others, who came on horseback, in cars or vehicles of the time.

Construction on a church building began in 1950 with help from those belonging to the congregation in Ramirez.  The new church was dedicated on 4 February 1951.


The Baptist Church in Viale has been served by the following pastors:

Gustavo Henke



Elena Vega Stehle

50th Anniversary Celebration (in Spanish)

Sacks, Juan Carlos. Viale: Una historia de 100 años