Colonia Stauber was founded by Georg Stauber, a German immigrant from Besarabia, who arrived at the beginning of the 20th century with his wife Cristina Gebhart and seven children.

Several Volga German families lived in Colonia Stauber after purchasing land from Georg Stauber.

Colonia Stauber was a settlement of farmers and did not have its own government administration. It is located about 10 kilometers from Irazusta.

Colonia Stauber was served by the Lutheran Church (IERP).


The location on a map: 32°52'33.5"S 58°56'31.9"W  (coordinates centered on the Stauber IERP Church)


Volga German families include: 

Bechtholdt  (Neu-Hussenbach)

Bohl (Huck)

Eckerdt (Huck)

Heidel (Huck)

Heidenreich (Huck)

Koch (Huck)

Lickay (Huck)

Leichner (Huck)

Michel (Huck)

Schlegel (Huck)

Sack (Huck)

Schneider (Huck)

Schultheis (Huck)

Sittner (Huck)

Wilhelm (Huck)

Weigandt (Beideck)


Leandro Hildt