Valle María



Conceptión, Conceptiyn, Mariental, Valle María


31°59' S 60°35' W


The Volga German colony of Valle María, located in the Province of Entré Rios, was founded on 21 July 1878.  The initial group of 202 settlers was led by Peter (Pedro) Salzmann.  Its founders named the new village Mariental after the colony in Russia from which the majority of the founding families immigrated.

In April & May 1895, the bridge over Crespo Creek was built over which Route 11 now passes linking the village to Diamante and Paraná.

The Sisters of the Servants of the Holy Spirit arrived on 12 November 1895.  They established a parochial school in the village. This served as the sole educational institution in the village until 1974 when a secondary school was built.  A new school building was built in 1987.

Founding Families

Grouped by their colony of origin in Russia, the following were founders of Valle María:

from Mariental

Nikolaus (Nicolás) Gassmann
Johann (Juan) Schunk
Johann (Juan) Hermann
Mattias (Matías) Ortmann
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Becker
Johann (Juan) Becker
Johann (Juan) Denning
Johann (Juan) Gerstner
Mattias (Matías) Gerstner
Jakob (Jacobo) Gerstner
Michael (Miguel) Salzmann
Jakob (Jacobo) Asselborn
Peter (Pedro) Kappes
Franz (Francisco) Kappes
Jakob (Jacobo) Berger
Peter (Pedro) Opholz
Franz (Franciso) Schunk
Wilhelm (Guillermo) Hermann
Johann (Juan) Schuller
Bartholomaus (Bartolo) Bernhardt

from Louis

Jakob (Jacobo) Neiff
Heinrich (Enrique) Abt
Johann (Juan) Abt
Jakob (Jacobo) Abt
Andreas (Andrés) Kessler
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Kessler
Heinrich (Enrique) Berns
Mattias (Matías) Berns
Joseph (José) Berns
Joseph (José) Rörich
Peter (Pedro) Ernst
Johann (Juan) Sucksdorf
Johann (Juan) Frank

from Graf

Peter (Pedro) Hofstetter
Christoph (Cristobal) Schamne
Peter (Pedro) Schäffer
Jakob (Jacobo) Wassinger
Joseph (José) Wassinger
Peter (Pedro) Wassinger

from Herzog

Michael (Miguel) Schön
Michael (Miguel) Brundhart
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Rome
Franz (Francisco) Riedel
Michael (Miguel) Beire
Jakob (Jacobo) Wittmann
Michael (Miguel) Göz

from Rohleder

Joseph (José) Klocker
Franz (Franciso) Klocker
Peter (Pedro) Klocker
Johann (Juan) Dobler
Constantin (Constantino) Frank
Anton (Antonio) Glassmann
Joseph (José) Reim

from Ober-Monjou

Joseph (José) Windler
Joseph (José) Kranewitter
Michael (Miguel) Kranewitter
Adam (Adán) Kranewitter
Konrad (Conrado) Seib
Ignacious (Ignacio) Seib
Konrad (Conrado) Krap


Volga German Congregation

On 22 June 1885, the colonists agreed to each pay 5 pesos for the construction of a church and on August 5th, each farm owner agreed to contribute 2,000 bricks for the construction of the building.  The corner stone was laid 14 June 1886, and on the last Sunday in Advent, 19 December 1886 the new church was dedicated by Father Friedrich Tewes and was named Iglesia Inmaculada Concepción de María (Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary).

The bells in the steeple were manufactured in France and dedicated on 2 August 1899.


The congregation of Iglesia Inmaculada Concepción de María in Valle Maria was originally served by Jesuit priests, but was transefered to the Order of the Divine Word on 26 July 1892.  The following priests have served the parish:

Friedrich Tewes (Jesuit)
Rev. Greger (Jesuit)
Ludger Grüter (Jesuit)


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