12 April 1923

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 12 April 1923

Page 5, "Letters from Russia"

Wiesenmüller, 15 January [1923]

To: Jacob Herrmann and his wife in Lincoln, Nebr.

     God's greetings to you and may our dear Savior be with you my much loved friend Jacob Herrmann and to your dear wife, my much loved half-sister Katharina and to your children. 
     I, your friend and half-sister Katharina Trott, née Keil want to tell you that I have been a widow for a year now. My husband Johannes Trott died of typhus a year ago brought on by the great misery and widespread sickness; and we lost two of our sons aged 12 and 14 years. 
     Your clothing and other things weighing 10 pfund (1 pfund=14.4 ounces) we received with great joy. For this, I and my 2 children bespeask to you our heartfelt thanks. May the dear Lord repay you a thousandfold. Your warm and gracious outpouring to us was right timely as myself and my children are very poor. 
     We were also among those who wanted to emigrate to America but we didn't make it over the border. My man died along the way and we had to return, completely destitute, to where we came from after spending all of what we had to make the journey. 
     Now it goes somewhat better. We are however, very very poor and ask if you can again send something to help us. 
     I and my 2 children are in good health and wish the same for you. 
     With best regards, your half-sister, Widow Katharina Trott, née Keil




This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.