20 June 1936

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 20 June 1936

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Letter from George Hergert to Elias Hergert, his brother --

Dear brother Elias!

Your esteemed letter of May 5 was received with great joy on June 23rd. Share with us that we thank God that we are still in good health, the same is wished to you. Since my son Jacob and his wife don't have a place to live, they have moved in with us. Our daughter Amalie married again in Minsk to the short of stature Kindsfater's son whose name is Jacob. Our daughter, Maria is also still there with her husband.

They would have gladly come home, but since the outlook for the harvest is poor, I advised them to stay there. If it doesn't rain very soon, the wheat harvest will be poor. The rye harvest might be alright. It is very dry, the earth opens its mouth and reaches for rain. The mouth and foot disease has appeared among the cattle as a result of the drought. Our cow has a sore mouth, too. The steeple of the dear church as been torn down which hurts us very much, enough to cause tears. It has to be that way, so that the script will be fulfilled. I fear for a new famine. Although we are in God's hands. Up to now, the Lord has helped. He will continue to help.


This translation courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.