4 January 1923

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 4 January 1923

Page 5, "Distribution List"

Distribution list of those in Kukkus on the Volga who received food from the 50 packets of food sent to the community of Kukkus by the Kukkusers in Lincoln, Nebraska, through the American Relief Association (A.R.A.).


Family Name

Souls in 
the Family

3Heinrich Maser7

5Johannes Klaus2

6Johannes Rosenthal10

7the widow Becker1

8the widow Debus5

9Johannes Maser7

10Peter Ohlberg15

12Johannes Ohlberg6

13Alexander Hartwig2

14Alexander Busick8

15Philipp Felsing13

16Philipp Heinrich7

18Christian Kuebling5

20Heinrich Hirstein8

21Peter Becker6

23the widow Debus6

24Johannes Schweizer5

25Johannes Engelman4

26Heinrich Maser8

27Georg Kiemm6

28the widow Klemm4

29Jakob Schneider5

31Adam Engelman4

32Heinrich Felsing8

33Heinrich Engelman4

34the widow Eurich3

35Gerhard Schengel5

36Andreas Naft10

37Philipp Hirstein3

38Philipp Hirstein8

39Jakob Baum6

40Heinrich Schneider5

41Heinrich Felsing8

42Christina Reitz8

43the widow Felsing6

44Amalia Heizenreder4

45Jakob Becker


46Jakob Busick17

47Konrad Krumm13

48Georg Busick9

48Jakob Busick9

49Johannes Krumm13

50Schoolmaster Schlotthauer3

50Johannes Eurich9

51Mar. Chr. Heizenreder2

52Philipp Heizenreder10

54Johannes Maser6

55Peter Busick14

56Johannes Rosenthal6

57Geo. Hein. Schaefer5

58Johannes Eurich3

59Jakob Heinrich9

60Jakob Krumm4

60Philip Krumm8

61Peter Krumm7

62Andreas Maser8

63Jakob Eurich9

64Heinrich Becker1

65Jakob Rosenthal5

66Andreas Maser3

66Margareta Klaus1

67Katharina Lehr1

70Jakob Schlegel2

71Andreas Eurich7

72Philip Busick8

73Mar. Elis. Eurich2

74Philipp Hergenreder3

75Georg Eurich9

76Johannes Heinrich9

77Johannes Hergenreder11

78Georg Eurich9

78Theodor Berschoner3

79Johannes Schlegel7

79Ottilie Dell2

80Jakob Rosenthal9

80Amalia Rosenthal5

80Emelie Hergenreder1

81Johannes Eurich23

82Adam Roos19

83Georg Busick9

84Johanes Weigandt9

85Heinrich Schengel13

86Heinrich Petersohn6

87Jakob Busick8

88Philip Johannes15

89Heinrich Weigandt22

90Philipp Baum7

91the widow Reifschneider3

92Adam Engelman10

93Peter Weigandt8

95Philip Becker19

96Heinrich Johannes6

98Philip Klaus4

99Philip Krum8

100Friedrich Ohlberg7

101Peter Ohlberg8

102Philip Heinrich7

103Johannes Kukkus6

104Konrad Baum10

105Peter Johannes44

106Jakob Felsing6

107Georg Heinrich8

108Konrad Heinrich6

109Georg Johannes3

110Heinrich Herzog6

111Adem Bell12

112Johannes Schengel6

113Johannes (illegible)11

114Konrad Baum5

115Heinrich Felsing8

116Peter Baum9

117Heinrich Weigandt6

118Peter Engelman7

119Peter Krumm7

120Philip Johannes7

120Alexander Busick4

121Johannes Engelman7

122Philip Felsing6

123Doktor Ganz3

123Feldschera Dering5

123Helena Heilman1

123Alexei Gerber1

123Iwan Blechanow1

124Philip Debus7

124Emma Gerlach1

125Konrad Weigandt12

126Johannes Busick3

126Andreas Busick5

128Andreas Busick7

129Konstantin Borneman1

129Lentine Pflaumer1

129Johannes Elers1

129Johannes Janzen1

129Luise Ehrlich1


129Jakob Krumm3

130Alexander Metzler4

131Johannes Krumm4

132Andreas Rosenthal5

133Johannes Hergenreder5

133Alexander Ostwald5

134Karl Schultz3

135Philip Busick3

136Heinrich Weigandt7

138August Schumm6

139Jakob Hergenreder4

141Heinrich Eurich6

141Anna Eurich3

142Konrad Reitz9

143Philip Eurich14

144Jakob Eurich9

144Philip Eurich6

145Heinrich Eurich3

146the widow Eurich17

147Kathar. Schafer5

147Johannes Reifschneider2

148Georg Wick2

149Emilie Meier3

150Jakob Baum6

151Jakob Rosenthal5

151Konrad Bell2

151Alexander Bitter6

151Jakob Baum3

151Philip Donis9

152Philip Rosenthal6

153Johannes Rosenthal3

154Georg Gries4

155Andreas Eurich8

156Johannes Rosenthal9

157Philip Bell5

158Anton Becker16

159Jakob Busick9

160Johannes Schaefer12

161Gottfried Hinkel4

162Philip Rosenthal2

162Georg Roos3

163Philip Schengel9

167Philip Schaub7

168Heinrich Schengel12

169Johannes Hirstein5

170Mar. Chr. Weigandt3

171Philip Reitz11

173Philip Klaus5

174Konrad Engelman8

175Georg Hein. Engelman8

176Konrad Engelman10

177Georg Debus10

179Georg Beltz7

180Johannes Felsing13

181Johannes Felsing9

182Eva Doberstein2

183Ann. Mar. Horch4

184Jakob Eurich12

185Heinrich Bronauer5

186Philip Becker5

187Peter Reitzillegible

188Heinrich Becker18

189the widow Engelman2

190Adam Debus7

191Katharina Spaedt2

192Johannes Kisselman10

192Mar. Elis. Heinrich2

192Alexander Bronauer1

193Kath. Marg. Reitz3

194Johannes Kuehling5

195Heinrich Felsing4

196Heinrich Kisselman3

198Konrad Hirstein5

199Katharina Engelman5

199Jakob Dittenbier11

200Gottfried Felsing6

201Jakob Becker7

202Jakob Hirstein2

203Konrad Becker14

204Konrad Baum16

205Andreas Kisselman6

206Philip Baum10

207Heinrich Kukkus9

208Philip Becker9

209Johannes Baum10

210Heinrich Felsing10

211Philip Batius11

212Andreas Heinrich7

213Heinrich Dittenbier8

214Peter Felsing5

215Johannes Baum9

216Philip Maser6

216Johannes Busick2

217Heinrich Peterson1

217August Seibert1

217Wilhelm Weber3

217Alexander Neff3

217Felix Seibert2

217Alexander Weber1

217Alexander Ries1

217Johannes Laub1

217Theodor Masson2

217Karl Leisle1

219Johannes Schenkel19

220Jakob Hergenreder7

220Heinrich Hergenreder5

221Joh. Jost Schweizer3

222Elisabeth Roos3

224Philip Rosenthal3

224Heinrich Rosenthal11

225Johannes Weigandt2

225Johannes Isheim6

226Peter Baumm9

227Pastor J. Erbes3

228Heinrich Becker7

228Alexander Wagner2

229Katharina Hergenreder1

230Katharina Rosenthal3

232the widow Maser2

233Andreas Heinrich10

234Heinrich Schaefer13

235the widow Reifschneider3

236the widow Wick2

237Philip Rosenthal2

238Konrad Schweizer9

239Philip Weigandt6

240the widow Becker3

241the widow Busick3

245Heinrich Eurich9

246Katharina Rosenthal4

247Peter Eurich4

248Peter Heinrich5

250Johannes Schweizer7

251the widow Schengel4

252Iwan Skworzow3

253Heinrich Krumm8

254Johannes Reitz7

255the widow Debus2

256the widow Hergenreder5

257Jakob Eurich14

258Andreas Weigandt10

259the widow Krumm3

259the widow Krumm1

260Johannes Debus


260Nikolaus Wurtel4

260the widow Hirstein2

260Alexander Major3

262Mar. Els. Schneider1

263Johannes Krumm11

264Joh. Pet. Debus13

265Philip Becker9

266Jakob Beier7

267Johannes Eurich8

270Christian Schneider4

271Johannes Schweizer10

272Heinrich Becker4

275Philip Baum4

276the widow Debus1

277Philip Kukkus7

278Andreas Kuhn4

279Heinrich Debus7

279Dorothea Bell2

280Christian Gerlach7

281Philip Becker4

281Jakob Debus4

282Jakob Reifschneider5

283Georg Bell8

284Jakob Debus6

285Kath. Marg. Becker4

287Jakob Becker6

288Johannes Krumm4

289the widow Herzog2

290the widow Herzog5

290Jakob Scherbel2

292Jakob Schneider4

294Adam Kuehling2

295Alexander Mueller3

298Peter Johannes9

299Johannes Baumillegible

300Konrad Gerlach13

301Johannes Gerstein2

302Mar. Elis. Rosenthal6

303Peter Krumm4

304Heinrich Hergenreder12

305Jakob Schlegel3

306J. Hein. Schweizer4

309Georg Becker3

310Katharina Mohr4

310Katharina Schneider6

311Heinrich Eurich3

312the widow Schweizer6

313the widow Schweizer3

314Adam Meier6

315Andreas Bell4

316Jakob Weigandt2

320Johannes Fruehling4

321the widow Bell4

322Joh. Hein. Debus5

325Heinrich Eurich5

326Jakob Heizenroeder3

327Jakob Eurich6

329Philip Reifschneider7

330Heinrich Fruehling6

331Christian Klemm6

332Heinrich Becker3

334Johannes Herzog8

336Heinrich Knippenberg4

337the widow Reifschneider3

339Georg Wiederkehr5

339Anna Mar. Pineckenstein2

339Eduard Feld5

339Peter Herzog2

339Philip Debus4

339Heinrich Reifschneider8

339Philip Engelman2

339the widow Krumm2

339Georg Klemm5

339Johannes ?eltz3

339Joseph Braun4

339Konrad Gerlach2

339Heinrich Seifenreiter3

339Heinrich Felsing3

339Jakob Felsing5

340Peter Felsing5

341the widow Reifschneider6

342Gottfried Heinrich7

343Johannes Reitz8

346Adam Schlegel6

347Heinrich Eurich5

348Philip Hergenreder4

349Jakob Beret3

349Anna Wunscher1

349Woldemar Kerner2

349Abraham Kusumbekow3

349Johanens Rost1

349Jakob Herzog2

349Peter Herzog2

349Maria Baum2

349Adam Becker26

349Jakob Becker13

349Heinrich Busick14

349Iwan Sussanow3

349Alexei Kusnezow5

349Jegor Kusnezow1

Total 2,321

The contents of the 50 packets of food received from Lincoln were distributed equally among the above 2,321 souls in Kukkus on 3 October 1922.
Chairman of the Church Council,

Jakob Eurich


Johannes Schlotthauer


This distribution list came to Philip Reifschneider, 946 New Hampshire Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, from the A.R.A. on 22 November 1922.

[Note from translator: The print quality in this Welt-Post article was so bad in places that I made guesses at the numbers based on the shape of the blob ... 8's and 3's looked alike, 5's and 6's looked alike, etc. While most of the numbers were correctly transcribed, I did make a number of guesses.] 


Page 6, "From Russia"

Kolb, 22 November 1922
To: Conrad Meininger in Hastings, Nebraska

May the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ be with you in America and with us here in Russia, Amen.

Beloved Children: 
     You are all affectionately greeted by me, your father, and everyone in the household. Thankfully, we are all still in good health today. God has shown us many good deeds without our having earned them, as the poet sings: "In many such emergencies, has not the Lord spread His wings over you." When I think back on the days of the previous year, I still shudder. We had nothing to look forward to except death by starvation because we only had 2 months of provisions and had to closely ration all food so that there were 2 to 3 potatoes per person with "Suessholztee" [tea made from the roots of licorice plants - translator]; in the evening there was soup made of potatoes, red beets or pumpkin, that was our daily fare. It echoes in my mind again and again: "Remember what the Almighty can do for those he loves." 
     Today we are able to fully satisfy ourselves with 3 meals a day. Thank God for that. But next to God we must thank you, dear children, many times thank you, because you fed us from your table and clothed us with your clothes. As far as we can tell from your letters, we have everything, be it food or clothing, that you sent to us. The letter, dear son Konrad, that you wrote on 23 July, we received 40 days later. The 2 large bundles we received intact on 11 November. Alexander and Fritz wrote in the spring that they had sent 5 bundles of which we have received only 4. We have received 9 Food Drafts, 5 from Conrad, 3 from Alexander and Fritz, and one from Karl Koch. The clothing that Mr. Volz brought with him, Schoolmaster Rusch has. 
     About your question, Conrad, if mother was buried in a coffin, I can answer "yes." The people were shocked because we covered the coffin with green and yellow paper. I have already described everything in 3 previous letters to you and I will keep repeating it until you finally get the information. We are especially thankful for the shoes that Amalia and her husband and also Emma and her husband sent to us and I intend to thank them. And now I have another request for them: send me your pictures so I can see your husbands and children. 
     Konrad Hoff sends his best thanks for the 2 shirts. And now I come to a close with greetings to you all. 
     Write again soon to your father Meininger.


This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.