28 June 1923

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 28 June 1923

Page 3, "Letters from Russia"

25 March
To: Lukas Kress Newark, New Jersey

Dear Lukas:
      I am happy that  you have finally arrived in America. Since you left I have thought much and often about you. My cordial greetings to you, your wife and your children. One does not soon forget people like you who have done so many good deeds. Recently I was in Schilling and there was talk of you among people who had gathered together that you had once saved from death. They reminded me that I should write to you and thank you for the love you have shown them, without which they would otherwise no longer be alive. You know well that when you served in the Commissariat (governing body of a Soviet--translator) you saved many lives. You also saved livestock for the people, though I had 2 horses, their harnesses and a carriage taken from me because all things were not within your power (to save), many other things were also taken from the village in spite of your efforts.
       Our hearts are glad that you have arrived happily in America. All of us would also be happy to be there with you. Later I will write you more. You should also write to us about what the people from Beideck are saying because you will learn much by being among them.
       With my best greetings I remain your well-known village comrade, 

                                                  Conrad Wuerz


Page 3, "Letters from Russia"

March 24, 1923
To: Heinrich Sitzmann, Loveland, Colorado
And: Georg Sitzmann, Culbertson, Nebraska

Much beloved sons and your families:
      We begin in the name of the triune God.
      First you should know that we, God be thanked, are still healthy, which good health we wish for you from our hearts. We received your letter of 2 January with great pleasure and learned much from it. We are pleased to see that you have suffered no emergency; if you were to be here for only a half-hour you would notice that we mourn much in our house. Not only with reference to food but also clothing and our situation. --- Everything is so bad that it could not get any worse. 
      Hopefully this short letter will get to the right place. --
      We wish Kath. good fortune in her marriage.
      In closing you are all affectionately greeted by mother and all the members of the family and also especially by your father, 

                                        Georg Sitzmann


This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.