29 July 1932

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 29 July 1932

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Norka, 29 July 1932

Dear Uncle Johannes Schnell: 
     On behalf of my aunts Marg. and Gretchen, I respond to you that we received the package of food from Germany. It contained the following: 3 kilos of flour, 3 kilos of rice, 2 kilos of granulated sugar and 1 1/2 kilos of bacon. Everything was very good. The aunts say to give you their most cordial thanks and a "God will Reward." They also send their thanks to sister Kathlies who also contributed: God bless you and give you good health. 
     I drove aunt Gretchen to the Post Office where she had to sign the papers. On the way home she became tired and weak but when we unpacked everything we made ourselves potato salad soup: It tasted so good to us! We also baked a little for ourselves, so that, I hope aunt Gretchen again recovers somewhat. Both aunts had a difficult time making it through last winter and have aged a lot since then. 
     Aunt Gretchen was so happy over the gift but nevertheless she says that if we had received it through the "Torgsin" we would have been supplied for a longer period of time. The aunts ask if you could send some more, even if it is only $5, to send it to the Torksin Co. in Saratov. These "foreign trade" houses have been opened in many cities and one can get much more there. Send it however, in aunt Katchen's name since she is still sprightly and can come into the city without difficulty and with less traveling she would be capable. The aunts still live in the 5th row, No. 339. 
     We have so far, in spite of everything, cause to say with the Psalmists: Be it known that the Lord wondrously guides his faithful, the Lord hears when I call to Him. That was our morning devotional text and we heartily thank the Lord for refreshing us in body and soul. 
     His word is sweet like honey, even when we have the text of judgements, He has personally fulfilled us. We go to him confidently in the belief that pain must yield to the sighs of joy and pleasure which is promised to the children of God. That little moment, of which the prophet speaks in chapter 451, verse 7-8, will last us for a long time. God kept His word and always has shaded us in the great heat wave. He has fulfilled for us what one of the more pious sang of: "When the heat of the day powerfully burns, and when surrounded by unforseen difficulties, then He blessedly refreshes the herdsmen and draws them nearer unto Himself." 
     Concerning the difficult crises which are everywhere prevalent, great philosophers are racking their brains as to what is yet to come. Children believe their bible and trust in the Lord who holds the fate of the entire universe in His hands and with them everything throughout time is measured. 
     Aunt Gretchen is suffering from a heart ailment and longs to soon be united with the Lord. 
     We wish you the best of health and send you and your relatives our most cordial regards. Please send our regards to sister Kathrinlies and her family. 
     Written in the name of little aunt Gretchen and aunt Katchen.


This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.