9 February 1922

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 9 February 1922

Page 2, "Schuck"

[Translator's note: the writer's surname is spelled twice, different both times...first as Father Bellends and later as Father Bellende.]

Volga Relief Society 
623 Lumbermen's Building 
Portland, Oregon

To the gracious Mrs. Repp and all benefactors of the starving children in Russia:

The representative of the North American Charitable Societies, your husband, Mr. Georg Repp, visited our colony of Schuck and left all of us, young and old, with grateful memories. By word and deed he made us who are afflicted by the famine in this year aware of the many noble minded people across the ocean in far off America. Many thanks! His message was happy news for us and lifted our spirits like someone wandering in the desert, near death from thirst, croaking out a last cry for help and having it answered. Arising after sorrow filled dark nights is a beautiful, cheer filled morning; the sun shines its bright and warming rays of hope into our hearts and brings us peace. The spirit draws a deep breath more easily, as in the spring when plants and flowers are aroused to new life by the refreshment of the thaw, many carry inside them a new hope for rescue, of the possibility of living on into the future. Our benefactors reach out their hands to us from America in order to rescue us and keep us from going under. Oh, how are we to repay then? Receive from the hearts of the children and the grief and worry filled hearts of their parents, most intimate thanks. We will never forget your generosity for as long as we live. An in case our gratitude is not enough, we close with the Word of God: "Whosoever shows pity to the poor has mad a loan unto the Lord, and He will repay them with interest."

Your forever grateful children of the colony of Schuck, their parents, and Father Adam Bellends

Gracious Lady:

With his first appearance in our colony, the representative of the American Charitable Society, Mr. Georg Repp, was well received and gained the complete confidence of the people. After inquiring whether a kitchen for hungry children was necessary, he immediately appointed an auxiliary commission with the duty of careful preparation and distribution of American alms. 400 children were to be taken care of. The community immediately sent 8 drivers to Schilling, 60 versts distant from us, to transport the gifts being held for us. Accordingly we received all the products and the kitchen was immediately opened. All are extremely content. Everyone wants to be taken in by the American Kitchen. Also, even the largest of the children are completely satisfied with the portions given them. Thanks to all. 


Father Ad. Bellende


This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.