4 March 1933

Die Welt-Post, Thursday, 4 March 1933

Page 2, "From Russia"

Johannes Brehm, 856 Z Street, received a letter from his sister-in-law:

Norka, 1 March:

Dear brother-in-law and Kathrinlies Brehm: 
     Our papa is sick, he suffers from old age and is swollen. 
     About the $10 you sent us. We picked it up ourselves in Saratov and with it we obtained the following: 5 pud 30 pfund (207 pounds) of pelletized meal, 10 pfund (9 pounds) sugar, 4 packets of noodles, 4 pfund (3 lbs., 6 oz.) oil, 8 stalks of chickory and a half pfund (7.2 oz) of potato flour. 
     It took 8 days to get it all because I had to wait on the pellitized meal. Wheat flour, millet and rice are no longer available. 
     Now I must thank all of you; Loose's godfather Peter, his George and Lisbethkathr., Jerg, his sister and aunt Lena and her daughter Marie, as well as aunt Lisbethkathr. her Anni and your cousin Heinrich and Johannes. There was great joy when your letter arrived, you wouldn't believe it. 
     Daily 18 to 20 people die [Translator note: remainder is obscured]. 
     Cousin Jacob who you asked about, starved before our mother. 
     In your house the Felzer's boy now lives. 
     Is it too much to ask of you my brothers and sisters to occasionally write a letter. It is hurtful when children do not think of their parents. It was a good thing that I stayed here with our parents and helped provide for them, but when Papa dies, I will be alone. 
     Tell my half sisters Elis. Spady and Kathr. Krieger nee Hahn they should also write. 
               Your Heinrich and Katharina Hahn


This translation provided courtesy of Hugh Lichtenwald.