This is a gazetteer of the Volga German colonies (Mother and Daughter) as well as other geographical locations significant to the history of the Volga Germans. Over the centuries, the German colonies along the Volga River have been known by a variety of names in both Russian and German. Not only did colonies often have both a German and a Russian name, but there are various forms of translations and transliterations that can be used among Russian, German, and English. Once the colonists arrived in North or South America, another set of spellings often came into use. This gazetteer was assembled to aid in identifying a colony by the variety of names by which it was known and to identify the standardized names used throughout this website. The main entries are listed in bold face type. In alphabetizing the entries of this gazetteer, the German umlaut has been ignored.
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Makarovka see Merkel
Makarowka see Merkel
Marienthal see Mariental
Marijinskoje see Zug
Marino see Neu-Mariental
Marinovka see Mannheim
Marks see Katharinenstadt
Markstadt see Katharinenstadt
Martiazhka see Sichelberg
Martiazhka see Sichelberg
Martijeschka see Sichelberg
Martijeschka see Sichelberg
Martiyeshka see Sichelberg
Martiyeshka see Sichelberg
Martsy see Rosendamm
Martzovo see Rosendamm
Marünskoje see Zug
Marxstadt see Katharinenstadt
Marzovo see Rosendamm
Medeveditskii Krestovyi Buyerak see Frank
Medveditsa see Frank
Medveditzkoi Krestovoi Buyerak see Frank
Medveditzkoi Krestovoi Buyerak see Frank Khutor
Medvyeditza see Frank
Medwedizki Krestowoi Bujerak see Frank
Meierhöfer see Galka
Meinhardt see Meinhard
Michaelis see Schaffhausen
Michailowka see Luzern
Mikhailovka see Luzern
Mirnoye see Friedenberg
Mohr see Moor
Mokrous see Schönfeld
Moor see Gnadenfeld
Mortsy see Rosendamm
Mueller see Müller
Mühlberg see Shcherbakovka