This is a gazetteer of the Volga German colonies (Mother and Daughter) as well as other geographical locations significant to the history of the Volga Germans. Over the centuries, the German colonies along the Volga River have been known by a variety of names in both Russian and German. Not only did colonies often have both a German and a Russian name, but there are various forms of translations and transliterations that can be used among Russian, German, and English. Once the colonists arrived in North or South America, another set of spellings often came into use. This gazetteer was assembled to aid in identifying a colony by the variety of names by which it was known and to identify the standardized names used throughout this website. The main entries are listed in bold face type. In alphabetizing the entries of this gazetteer, the German umlaut has been ignored.
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Rammler see Luzern
Räsanowka see Näb
Raskatovka see Rohleder
Raskatovo see Rohleder
Raskaty see Rohleder
Rasovka see Leichtling
Rasowka see Leichtling
Rastringen Khutor see Wiesenfeld
Reinhardt see Reinhard
Reinhart see Reinhard
Remennaya see Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Remennikovo see Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Remmler see Luzern
Repnoe see Schöndorf
Repnoye see Schöndorf
Resanovka see Näb
Rezanovka see Näb
Rezanowka see Näb
Rezovka see Leichtling
Rezowka see Leichtling
Rjäsanowka see Näb
Roemmler see Luzern
Roethling see Semenovka
Rohrgraben see Bauergraben
Rolleder see Rohleder
Romashki see Strassburg
Römler see Luzern
Römmler see Luzern
Rosenberg see Rosenberg (Bergseite)
Rosenfeld see Rosenfeld (am Nachoi)
Rosenfeld am Jeruslan see Rosenfeld (am Jeruslan)
Rosenfeld am Nachoi see Rosenfeld (am Nachoi)
Rosenfeldt see Rosenfeld (am Nachoi)
Rosental (am Yeruslan) see Rosental (am Jeruslan)
Roskaty see Rohleder
Rossochi see Franzosen
Rossoschi see Franzosen
Rossoshanskoye see Franzosen
Rossoshi see Franzosen
Rossotschi see Franzosen
Rother Stern see Erlenbach (Bergseite)
Röthling see Semenovka
Rötling see Semenovka
Rovnaja see Seelmann
Rovnaya see Seelmann
Rovnoe see Seelmann
Rovnoye see Seelmann
Rownoje see Seelmann
Ryazanovka see Näb
Rybnoe see Riebensdorf
Rybnoje see Riebensdorf
Rybnoye see Riebensdorf