The town of Schoenchen was founded by members of St. Joseph's Parish in Liebental who wanted to move the town to a place with a better water supply. Their efforts to move the town failed, but a group relocated anyway across the line into Ellis County. Originally the town was called San Antonio, but several wanted to name it after the colony in Russia from which they had moved - either Schönchen or Neu-Ober-Monjou. As a compromise the town was called Schoenchen and the church St. Anthony's, after the parish in Neu-Ober-Monjou.



St. Anthony Catholic Church



The following were founding families of Schoenchen:

Adam & Katharina (Sauer) Bieker
Heinrich & Elisabeth (Herman) Bieker
Johann & Maria Eva (Wasinger) Bieker
Johann Joseph & Maria (Mayer) Bieker
Konrad & Maria Elisabeth (Pfannenstiel) Bieker
Nickolas & Anna Maria (Hardinger) Bieker
Philip & Dorothea (Siegel) Bieker
Wilhelm Bieker
Paul & Christina (Schüller) Dinges
Franz & Maria Julia (Gross) Dinges
Johann & Anna Maria (Unrein) Dreher
Konrad & Anna Elisabeth (Wendler) Dreher
Anna Katharina Graf
Friedrich & Anna Maria (Kohlmeyer) Graf
Agnes (Maria) Hepner
Helena Herklotz
Karl Anton Herklotz
Anna Elisabeth Munsch
Jacob Munsch
Joseph & Anna Elisabeth (Lang) Munsch
Joseph Rumbach
Michael & Maria Agnes (Hepner) Schmidt
Franz Waldschmidt
Alois Werth
Friedrich & Lucia (Ebel) Werth
Jacob & Maria Barbara (Munsch) Werth
Johann & Maria Elisabeth (Munsch) Werth
Johann Peter & Maria (Zimmerman) Werth
Karl & Anna Margaretha (Wendler) Werth
August & Margaretha (Dreher) Wolf
Philip & Maria Elisabeth Wolf
J. Jacob & Maria (Werth) Zimmerman
Johann & Anna Katharina Zimmerman
Joseph & Anna Katharina Zimmerman
Katharina Zimmerman
Peter & Barbara (Dreher) Zimmerman



Transcript of The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, 1926.

Towns & Places of Ellis County, Kansas (Legends of Kansas) - no longer online