St. Catherine's Catholic Church



1681 St. Joseph St.
Catharine, KS


The first Mass celebrated in Catharine, Kansas, was held in the sod home of Justus Bissing in the summer of 1876.  A stone schoolhouse was constructed in Catharine in 1879, and this building was used to hold worship services until the completion of the present structure which was dedicated on 6 October 1892.


The following priests have served the parish of St. Catherine's:

Adolf Wibbert (1876)
Valentine Sommereisen (1877)
Matthew Hau (1878)
Jos. Cal. Mayershofer (1878-1880)
Anthony Berger (1881)
James Muench (1882)
Anastasius Müller (1883-1884)
Martin Muelders (1885)
Matthew Savelsberg (1886-1889)
Chilian Lutz (1892)
Emmerman Kausler (1893-1895)
Joseph Trageser (1896-1899)
Jerome Mueller (1900-1905)
Joseph Trageser (1906)
Alphons Hillenbrand (1907)
James Steppe (1908)
Matthew Savelsberg (1909-1910)
Emmerman Kausler (1911)
Edward Heyl (1912)
Jerome Mueller (1913)
Fr. Severin (1914-1916)
Michael Neff (1916)
Fr. Basil (1917-1921)
Fr. Andrew (1921-1924)
Alban Hammel (1924-?)
Earl Befort



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