St. Severin Catholic Church



About five miles northwest of Catharine, Kansas.


St. Severin Catholic Church was founded exclusively by former members of the Catharine parish.  It was named in honor of Fr. Severin who served as its first pastor.  The church was built in May, 1916, and was dedicated June 22, 1916.

The following families constituted the original membership of St. Severin:

Peter J. Walter
Frank Schmeidler, Jr.
Peter J. Miller
Jos. G. Dinkel
Alois E. Karlin
Raymund A. Schmidt
Emil Schmeidler
August Schmeidler
Philip Meis
Peter H. Staab
Frank Walter
Alois J. Koerner
Jacob Koerner
Henry Meis
F. A. Meier
Paul Karlin
Michael Krannewitter
Adam Walter


St. Severin's Parish has been served by the following Capuchin friars:

Fr. Severin
Fr. Victor (1916-1918)
Fr. Gaudens (1918-1919)
Fr. Pancratius (1920-1922)
Fr. Cassimier (1922-1925)
Fr. Maurice (1925-?)



The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, 1926.

Saint Severin Cemetery (

Saint Severin Cemetery (