St. Ann's Catholic Church



Hwy 40 & Walker Ave.
Walker, Kansas

Mailing Address:
601 10th
Victoria, KS 67671
telephone: 785.735.2777 & 785.735.2721


In 1893, a school building was constructed in Walker, and on Christmas Day, 1903, the first Mass was said for the Volga German settlers living in the area.  Construction of a church building was begun the following year.  It was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1905, to St. Ann.

A parochial school was constructed in 1924 and dedicated in August of 1925.  The Sisters of St. Agnes run the school.

The following men were founders of Walker:

Herman Berens
Peter Braun
B. M. Dreiling
Geo. Kippes
Clement Griese
Theo H. Munk
John Scheck
Ulrich Berens
Peter Brungardt
Nick Dreiling
M. B. Kuhn
John Leiker
Mike Riedel
Ignatz Vonfeldt
Wm. Berens
Anton Dreiling
Mike Kippes
Joseph Griese
Adolf Leiker
Wm. Robben, Sr.
John A. Vonfeldt


The following priests have served the congregation of St. Ann in Walker:

Emmeram Kausler
Ulrich Zeller
Frank X. Grinko



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Saint Ann Cemetery (