Sacred Heart Catholic Church



5.5 miles north and 1 mile east of Victoria


In 1898, the following members of St. Fidelis Catholic Parish in Victoria petitioned for the establishment of a new parish in Emmeram:

Andrew P. Brungardt
Anton P. Brungardt
B. P. Brungardt
Peter Brungardt
Peter J. Denning
Jos. Denning
Peter J. Dreiling
John Dinkel
Frank Froehlich
Henry Froehlich
John Frank
Henry Hoff
Alex Herman
Clemens Rohleder
Nick Rohleder
Andrew Linenberger
David Toepfer
Albert Weigel
Michael Weigel
Peter P. Weigel
Valentin Weigel
Andrew Windholz
Martin Windholz
Adam Windholz
John Windholz

      The petition was granted and plans began in the Spring of 1899. The cornerstone was laid in May of that same year. The first Mass was held on Christmas Day in 1901. Construction of the building continued, and it was dedicated on 12 June 1903.
      Due to declining attendance, the parish was closed in 1967, and many families returned to the St. Fidelis Parish in Victoria. The church building was sold, used as a private residence, and fell into disrepair. It was destroyed in a fire in October 1998.


Sacred Heart Parish was served by the following Capuchin priests who came from the monasteries in either Victoria or Catharine:

Emmeram Kausler (1901-1903)
Celestine Oswald (1904-1905)
Titus Rumpelhardt (1905-1907)
Andrew Herrmann (1907-1911)
Basil Heim (1911-1913)
Ulrich Zeller (1913-1914)
Edmund Trischler (1914-1915)
Maurice Ackerman (1915-1916)
Pancras Dockler (1916-1918)
Leo Egger (1918-1921)
Casimir Debef (1921)
Leonard Dorn (1921)
Vincent Brendt (1921-1922)
Anthony Burkhardt (1922-1925)
Walter Herrmann (1925-1926)
Bernardine Kuhlman (1926-1927)
Hubert Kremer (1927-1930)
Walter Herrmann (1930-1934)
Nicholas Krebs (1934-1936)
Hycinth Grabbe (1936)
Casimir Debef (1936-1937)
Basil Heim (1937-1941)
Nicholas Kregs (1941-1944)
Casimir Debef (1944-1946)
Camillus B. Schmitt (1946-1948)
Jordan S. Hammel (1948-1951)
Cletus J. Blockinger (1951-1952)
Armand Yeaglin (1951-1953)
Arnold Yanker (1953-1959)
Jordan S. Hammel (1959-1962)
Melvin Averman (1962-1965)
Howard Bich (1965-1967)



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