St. John Lutheran Church



425 N. Main
Russell, KS 67665
Telephone: 785.483.5358


St. John Lutheran Church was founded by Volga German families in 1900.  The first service was held on 10 June 1900 in a local Congregational Church.  Subsequent worship services were held in the Baptist Church until a new building could be constructed.  It was dedicated on 12 May 1901.

By 1927, the congregation had outgrown its building.  The old church was torn down and a new one dedicated on 11 March 1928.


The following pastors have served the congregation of St. John's:

Gustav Mueller (1900-1902)
R. Schimmelpfennig (1902-1904)
A. Menneoch (1904-1906)
Paul J. Toerne (1906-1908)
Pastor Wellhausen (1908-1911)
William Harder (1911-1918)
Victor Pietzko (1919-1920)
F. A. Ollendorf (1920-1925)
F. Bahr (1926-1928)
J. N. Marxen (1928-1934)
C. Rautenstraus (1934-1940)
Ernest H. Thomas (1940-1948)
Theodore H. Althof (1948-1954)
Otto A. Matthias (1956-1962)
R. G. Sedo (1963-1970)
Ernest Pihl (1970-1974)
Herman Frerichs (1974-1984)
Robert G. Lundgren (1985-1989)
Michael Fibranz (1991-2000)
Stephen Pera, asst. (1992-1994)
Henry J. Hartman, asst. (1995-2000)
Henry J. Hartman, senior (2000-2005)
Harlan Kaden (2001-2003)
Roger Dennis (2006-)



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