St. Anthony's Catholic Church


In 1895, the small group of Volga German immigrants who had settled in St. Peter built a small frame church.  As the town grew, a larger church was needed.  Construction on the present St. Anthony's Church was begun in 1909.  Peter Rome, one of the town's original settlers, donated the land on which the new church was to be built.  In his honor, the town's name was changed from Hoganville to St. Peter. Alex Schüler of Catherine served as both the architect and contractor.  It was dedicated in the fall of 1910.

The congregation had a parish school from the earliest days.  In 1904, three Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia came to St. Peter and took charge of the school.  The first school was erected in St. Peter in 1905.  A new building was constructed in 1917.


1894-1902 H. Vornhold
1902-1921 Charles Weber
1921-1922 Anthony Schäfer
1922-1923 Jerome Dies
1924- Michael Dreiling




St. Peter from The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas