Sharon Lutheran Church



503 S. Gardner St.
Sharon Springs, KS 67758-5808
Telephone: 785.852.4201


Sharon Lutheran Church was established by Swedish immigrants on 8 April 1888.  Over the years, many Volga German families from Trego County, Kansas, moved to Wallace County and became members.

During the early years, the congregation met in the school house.  On 8 December 1899, the Monotony school house was purhcased, and in 1900 moved to the corner of Pine and Gardner.  This building served the congregation until 17 May 1953 when a new church building was dedicated.


John A. Stamline (1888-1889)
Erik Glad (1893-1896)
John Holcomb (1899-1904)
A.P. Martin (1907-1934)
August Nordin (1934)
Charles A. Strandberg (1938-1952)
Jacob P. Langsjoen (1953-1956)
Stanley Leaf (1958-1963)
Virgil R. Lundquist (1966-1976)
Lester K. Larson (1977-1984)
Cristy Claus & David Schoob (1984-1987)
Norma K. & Wayne J. Pouppirt (1987-?)
Jane Elizabeth Rothman (?-2009)



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